Must-Have Tips before Purchasing an Embroidery Machine

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A common mistake by many people is that when they want to buy a product, they don’t take time to think which will be the best type to suit their needs. On average, it is advisable to at least do a research on the product. There are a few important details that you should know before purchasing an embroidery machine. Do not just make an educated guess and assume that all embroidery machines are the same and are used for the same purpose. Discussed below are some few guidelines that will determine the best kind of machine for you;
1. First you should know that embroidery machines are designed to carry out different tasks. So ask yourself how you intend to use it. Do you want it for commercial purposes or personal interests? This is very important because certain embroidery machines are unique in their functions.


Flexibility is also a plus. You may be creative enough to craft your own designs. This will require you to get a versatile embroidery machine that can be engaged in such activities. This may include a machine which already has existing inbuilt designs, USB ports and can allow internet connectivity.

2. Do a thorough research on which brand is the best. There are many good quality brands available but not all will satisfy your needs. Read related blogs and manufacturer’s forums to get an aspect of consumer satisfaction. An added advantage would be finding an expert dealer who is excellent in customer services and support. Chances are that you will purchase a machine tailored towards your satisfaction.

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Nobody would want to buy a machine then find out that it cannot be serviced locally and therefore maybe you would rather have purchased another type or model. Always test the workability of the machine to avoid taking home a faulty one. Check the warranty options, availability of instructions manual and the services included.

3. Another important aspect to consider is the size of the machine. Embroidery machines come in different sizes. This will be determined by your storage space or where you decide to use it. These machines come in the sizes of:
• Home embroidery machines (small)
• Commercial embroidery machines (medium)
Multi-head commercial embroidery machines (large)
Have adequate space for your ideal machine, the best being a permanent place where you will not require keeping on moving it. This will enable you do much more and enjoy working on it.

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4. Do not complicate the process of purchasing your embroidery machine by acquiring a high level of embroidery software. Instead opt for basic level software that will enable you do basic editing, lettering and creation of desired designs. This will act as a learning tool until you become comfortable to upgrade. You do not have to strain to create complex designs yet you have not mastered the basic skills. You can purchase already existing designs and this will give you more time to learn and pave the way for you to move to high level embroidery software.

5. By now, you have an idea of the ideal embroidery machine that will serve you accordingly. The only remaining step is deciding on your budget. You may find machines with a range of under $100 to over $8000. Be assertive and get a machine that will give you value for your money.

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Take into consideration the above tips to make an informed decision on which kind of embroidery machine you want to buy. When you know what you want to use it for, what brand works best for you, where to keep it, the level of software to start with and your budget constraints then make the purchase and start exercising your embroidery skills.

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