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best indoor tanning lotions

Well, tan skin is a big issue nowadays. You can seriously trade your money for a tan complexion. There are many tanning products on the market, but the question is how will you find the best indoor tanning lotion? This question of yours will be answered today.

With all the trending faces we see on various social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter we can’t help, but feel jealous over girls and boys who got a tan skin on. They are undeniably lovely as they gather positive comments and thousand likes on their photo.

indoor tanning

Not to mention, all those cover men and women we see on magazines who are looking drop-dead gorgeous with their tan complexion on. If you’re really serious about getting your skin tan, we will guide you all the way to buy the best product before you hit that tanning bed.

Why should I try indoor tanning?

Well, if you need more motivation other than looking healthy and attractive. Maybe science can talk you through. Research shows that a person who undergoes tanning process can release endorphins, which is our body’s “feel-good” hormones. This means that tanning can bring us positive psychological effect and positive thinking elation that comes from an awesome tan.

With today’s depleted ozone layer, laying under the heat of the sun may not be the best idea to get a tan skin on. It can cause sunburn or skin damage due to overexposure. In the meanwhile, indoor tanning is a great alternative since you can control the amount of “sunlight” that your body will be receiving.

You will feel accurately rest assured when you know your skin is safe from damage, harmful rays, and burning. Particularly in the Northeast, which winter could get your bones chillin’, indoor tanning becomes more essential since it can give you alternative vitamin D which you will have scarce resource during the winter days.

It is scientifically proven that a small amount of presence of vitamin D can lead to signs of aging, low bone density, and even a cardiovascular disease. Indoor tanning is an amazing alternative to boost the ideal amount of UV that your skin needs.

With all the said advantageous results you could gain in indoor tanning, research proves that tanning decreases the possibility of acne breakouts, skin’s susceptibility to infections, stress, and decreases the blood and cholesterol levels.

There are many benefits that may come in our list. Maybe, you’ll encounter some of them as you indulge yourself in indoor tanning.

What are some common ingredients I should watch for before buying?

o          Vitamin E

o          Shimmer

o          Body blush

o          Silicon

These are the most common ingredients you should look for before purchasing the best indoor tanning lotion that is perfect for you. Applying tan lotion before going to a tanning bed will help your tanning complexion to glow. The lotion will leave you sizzling like you’ve spent the whole day under the heat of the sun.

For determined personas that are really into tanning, but have a very sensitive skin you may choose a body blush lotion. If ever you’ve spot some fine wrinkles or other signs of aging, you should alternate to anti-aging option.

With the bright idea of indoor tanning lotions, you will never have to do sunbathing all day just to have that darker skin complexion. Tanning lotions will help you to have a bronze shade in a positive way. It also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays and from the signs of aging. Whatever reason you have for tanning your skin, it is important that you always consider your skin type upon buying your tanning lotion.

Aside from protecting your skin from the harmful effects you’ll get outside, the lotion will keep your skin well-moisturized and glowing tan within a few days or week depending on the product’s efficacy. It will keep your skin to appear plumper, rounder, and healthier as ever before. No wonder why many people consider tanning a huge trend nowadays.

So, these are the ingredients you should take note before storming the beauty boutique nearest to your location.

What are some products I could use for indoor tanning?

  1. Millennium Tanning New Solid Black Tanning Lotion

Millennium Tanning New Solid BlackWe suggest this product since it utilizes product auto-darkening technology which makes it a hundred times better than other tanning lotions. Though its dangling price may hurt your pocket, we can say that it has a reasonable price. It is totally non-greasy which   means it will be easily absorbed into your skin.


This bronzer will help you glow your tan skin within just a few minutes. Not to mention its feminist scent of orchids that will surely be appealing to women. This product is an absolute blend of silicon bronzer and tan enhancer, which means you get two gems in one product.

It can surely get your lovely darker complexion on without drying your skin. Each of the product ingredients works great to give you a darker look and a healthy looking skin.

  1. Australian Gold Accelerator Lotion

Australian Gold Accelerator LotionThis is highly used as an indoor tanning lotion and is known for producing darker complexion within just a few days. Apart from the greater possibility to give you a darker tan complexion, it can moisturize your skin as well since it has vitamin E and native oil content.

It promotes your skin to produce more melanin so you can have a fuller dark tan look in no time. Take note that melanin production is a great contributor to get a dark and uniform tan skin.

We suggest this lotion since it is beneficial to all skin types and it decreases the production of unsightly freckles. It protects your skin from getting fine wrinkles and harmful UV rays from the sun.

So, there you go. Hope you have all of the best ideas which bottle you will let your hand lay on. Make sure to choose what’s safe for your skin type and bear in mind the things that you’ve learned in this article. We wish you to have the safest way of getting a tan skin on. Choose the indoor tanning lotion that will work best for you. Be bolder, darker- achieve a deeper tan look today!

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